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online solution for chemical assessment

QUIID[CHEM] is our online in silico platform for chemical profiling, especially for the toxicity assessment of any chemical compound (e.g., cosmetics or pharmaceutical products). With QUIID[CHEM] you can easily evaluate different endpoints of a chemical, such as its carcinogenicity, reprotoxicity, cutaneous sensitivity or metabolic involvement.

By using expert curated databases (private and public) together with high-throughput screening models, the QUIID[CHEM] algorythms are able to predict the targeted properties of the queried chemicals (e.g., neosynthetised/formulated compound, impurities).

QUIID[CHEM] enables you to set up your own standard and protocol (e.g., specific database, stringency, endpoints…), in order to match your processes. Moreover we do not consider QUIID[CHEM] as a black box and we make a point of providing reproducible and understandable results.


key features

Unilimited predictions of 100+ hazard endpoints

Identification of structural alerts and analogs

Browse 50k+ compounds from the echa database

browse 2k+ stuctural alerts extracted by quiid[chem]

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hazard assessment made easy

Fill data gap

Grow your business

make innovation happen

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Data analyses & consultancy

QUIID also bring high quality consulting services for specific purposes.

We provide customised assistance to explore your datasets in order to give you the opportunity to extract new knowledge & information. Our highly-skilled pluridisciplinary team is able to understand your needs through a large panel of fields (e.g, cosmetics, pharma, biology, management, food industry, etc) and will support you during the whole process.

Feel free to contact our experts for any questions.

key features

clear methods and analyses

understandable results

Customisable protocoles

continued support


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