Collaboration is good, Symbiosis is better!

Expert platform made by professionals for professionals !

QUIID[HUB] is our new digital platform regrouping innovative in silico tools for the development of smart cosmetic products.

Thanks to our expertises in developing decision-support systems made by artificial intelligence, QUIID now propose the QUIID[HUB] platform for the cosmetic players ! During the last decades, the celerity of data generation and collection became exponential compared to the ability of compagnies to analyse and extract value from it. QUIID[HUB] has been designed using a synergetic approach between our know-how in terms of AI, together with the application expertise of an Innovation Comittee composed of benchmark cosmetic players. Using this professional symbiosis, QUIID[HUB] aims at accelerating the development of innovative and safe products, as well as drastically reduce the cost of R&D processes. QUIID[HUB] presents itself as a unique digital web platform merging multiple applications for each of your specific needs. Based on our original machine learning and virtual screening algorithms, all the QUIID[HUB] applications help you to tackle recurrent problematics and are focused on two main areas, one concerning the technical innovations and another regarding regulatory aspects. Thus, the first made applications are focused on the following thematics:

Formulation ​​

Interaction assessment of your ingredients

ingredients/ingredients, ingredients/packaging, synergy, antagonism

Concentration effect of your ingredients

efficacity threshold values, impact on the final product, mix optimization

Prediction of the product aspect

physicochemical, functionnal & hedonic properties, claims

Smart formulation

volume reduction, discard useless components, ecoformulation

Comparative assessment

synthetic APIs/plant extracts, raw material & suppliers comparison

Customised cosmetics

stratified population, specific needs, differential efficacity

Regulatory affairs

Cosmetovigilance & inocuity

hazard assessment, risks anticipation, assessment of impurities

Prediction of biological/chemical properties

read-across, structural alerts, SAR models, tolerance


biodegradability, bioavailability and bioaccumulation

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Innovation Committee

In order to ascertain the relevance of our applications, the development of QUIID[HUB] is continuous and rely on mutualised specifications set by member companies within our Innovation Committee. Indeed, helped with a web-based interface the Innovation Committee members share their problematics, synergise and combine their expertise to broaden collective knowledge in order to build specifically customised applications. The Committee members are frequently consulted to give us feedbacks about their technical needs, their ergonomic requirements or even the appropriate result and exportation formats. At regular intervals QUIID collects and assimilates requirements to update QUIID[HUB] according to the Committee member’s needs. This synergy-based development gives to the Comity members the opportunity to be main actors in developing a toolbox platform specifically adapted to their needs. Basically, being part of the QUIID[HUB] Innovation Committee gives powerful advantages:

Access to an in silico solution designed by experts

Fits perfectly to your professionnal needs

Low-priced development compared to a bespoked one perfectly to your professionnal needs

30% off on the subscription for the Innovation Committee members

Innovation Comity members are real decision makers regarding the QUIID[HUB] development

At QUIID we believe that cross-fertilization of expertise is required for real breakthrough innovations; that is why the QUIID[HUB] platform aims at providing access to a panel of technical and strategic resources specifically designed for professionals, to help them in reaching their goals. If you and your company want to be part of the QUIID[HUB] Innovation Comity, feel free to contact us for more details!

let me be a quiidos !