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Turn your big data into smart decisions using our in silico solutions







Turning your data into smart decisions

QUIID develops innovative in silico solutions to help organisations of all sizes turn their data into smart decisions.

To do so, we have developed our own machine learning algorithms and predictive models.  Our services have positive impacts on R&D and productivity and are suitable for all kind of needs.

Datamining expert

Facilitated knowledge extraction.
Didactic decision-support systems.
Customisable databases.

unlimited fields of applications

Biotech, pharma, nutrition, cosmetics, home and personal care, chemicals....

10+ years of r&d

Accustomed to R&D problematics.
Strong deep learning skills.
Up-to-date scientific knowledge.

Rewarded technology

BPI France 2015 laureate.
10+ Published technology and studies.

our solutions

your benefits

smart decisions

Learn more from your data & create new insight.

REduce your time to market

Accelerate your R&D and regulation processes.

Boost your innovation

Get new feedbacks and faster hypothesis assessment.

Maximize your return on investment

Save time and money.

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